About our team of creative professionals:

Mitzvah Pros is a select group of seasoned photojournalists and videographers that cater exclusively to Mitzvah families in New York City and surrounding region.  Our goal is to provide images and products that are uncommon, beautiful and 1st quality while offering great value to our discerning clientele.  Too often, large studios and self proclaimed artists produce 'sticker shock' for their services.

Mitzvah Pros confidently offers it's Bar and Bat Mitzvah clients contemporary, 1st quality services while maintaining a price point that is more reasonable and

down to earth - often 50% less than our contemporaries. 

All we ask is that you look at our beautiful work and compare.  We're confident you'll agree with our multitude of happy clients: Mitzvah Pros provides stunning photography while keeping the costs fair!

Contact us: to set up a meeting at our midtown location, Westchester space or we'll gladly come to you!

We look forward to being in service.

The Mitzvah Pros Team